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AT ESD, we engineer and manufacture a wide array of mechanical and electronic payment systems for the multi-housing, vended laundry and arcade/gaming markets. Our team of engineers and software architects works closely with ESD customers, laundry equipment manufacturers and distributors to deliver payment solutions that harness new technologies, provide valued benefits and offer unrivaled flexibility and longevity. ESD payment systems operate seamlessly with all laundry equipment brands.

  • Enhance laundry equipment functionality & features
  • Simplify laundry marketing & management
  • Build customer loyalty & retention
  • Monitor laundry operation remotely
  • Bolster revenue
  • Accept any combination of coins, debit/credit, loyalty & EBT cards
  • Embrace wireless technology
  • Add card loyalty system

ESD streamlines laundry management and offers unrivaled flexibility for Multi-housing & Vended Laundries.


ESD's industry leading Mechanical Payment Systems are in place across the globe.


Customers can feel secure knowing our team members are always available to help 24/7!


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At ESD, we’ve engineered and manufactured payment systems for multi-housing laundries for more than 45 years. Multi-housing laundries are laundries located in apartment complexes, duplexes and dormitories – anywhere central laundries serve multiple residents. ESD offers a variety of payment systems to meet your specific needs, location and budget. Our mechanical coin slides and electronic card-operated payment systems are compatible with nearly all washers and dryers on the market!



Boost customer retention, simplify vended laundry management, streamline processes and provide customers the convenience of a payment method that will make their laundry experience more enjoyable. At ESD, we are a leader in electronic and mechanical payment solutions for vended laundries. Our systems are proven, durable and work to improve revenue!

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April 2015

ESD introduces Synergy

Fort Washington, Pa.— Equipment Systems and Devices Inc. (ESD) recently released the new Synergy Wireless Card System for vended laundries. Simple to install, the wireless system does not rely on an Internet connection to operate – ensuring unrivaled reliability. Rather, Synergy utilizes wireless communication to locally connect cardslide readers, mounted on washers and dryers, to an on-site server/computer.


April 2015

Why Choose ESD?

Equipment Systems and Devices Inc. (ESD) reported huge traffic through its booth at “Clean ’15” in Atlanta. The new venue served as a great backdrop for the introduction of ESD’s new products and website, including the Synergy Wireless Card System and the Synergy Value Transfer Machine (VTM), according to Wayne Lewis, ESD sales manager. View our video testimonial for a peek at our company!


The Laundry Cafe - Best in the Inner City

It doesn’t take much to touch people, extend a hand, or offer kind words, according to business partners Brian Holland and Tyrone Akins. So when they launched their business plan to develop a chain of vended laundries, they also set out to serve and strengthen inner city Philly.     View Story

Engineering & Development offering the ultimate in flexibility

What set’s ESD apart is our ability to completely engineer and assemble our products and systems in-house. Our team stands alone in its ability to produce highly innovative payment systems that are conceptualized and developed without assistance from outside vendors. In doing so, we create systems in a more cost-effective manner and then pass those savings on to our customers.

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    Our engineering and development team is closely tied to our customers and end users – people who operate arcades, or multi-housing and vended laundries every day. Through knowing and understanding customer needs, we can engineer systems that offer more benefits.

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    ESD has led the industry in bringing innovations to market since the company’s inception more than 45 years ago.

Since 1969, ESD has been driven by an unobstructed vision to design & manufacture revolutionary payment solutions.

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